Going Public – make your festival or season live

You have set up your new festival or season, tested your application forms, checked your payment setup, made sure your box office is linked and you know how your events will be imported/exported to your website  – you’re ready to launch!

Simply flip the Private button to Public


You will see this pop-up – tick the boxes, make your payment and your festival or season will appear in the festival finder open for applications / registrations.


That’s It!

More helpful guides…

Info Collection – Payments

The Payments section in Info Collection is a special section and is automatically added to a newly created festival or season.   The Payments tab is where the event manager will see the amount they will be required to pay and a downloadable pdf invoice/receipt...

Info Collection – Office Use

Office Use is a section in Info Collection which is hidden so only festival/season administrators can access it. (You know it is hidden by the crossed eye icon)     You can add questions in Office Use that you, the festival/season administrator, answer. For...

Info Collection – Venue Finder

The Venue Finder is a standard section in Info Collection and is automatically added when you create a new festival or season.   Click on the Venue Finder section.   Under Venue Settings:   Festival allots Venues - choose YES if the festival/season...

Working with Red61

Red61 is a very powerful and versatile box office system that is particularly suited to large festivals. It is a popular choice of box office provider with several Eventotron users. This guide covers set-up, exporting data and syncing.


The Contract tab allows you to create contracts between you (the festival or season) and events and / or venue managers. You can even take digital signatures – all in Eventotron. Here’s how to set up contracts:


Portals is a new feature which allows you to share select information from your Info Collection forms with specified users. Here’s how to set up a new Portal:


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