Information Sharing

Give invited users access to selected event info.


Portals is a versatile tool that allows you to share information you choose about a selection of your shows with groups of invited users. You can then collect responses, scores and ticket requests from your Portal users.


  • Simple drag and drop template builder
  • Create a Press portal and admit your press list
  • Share media, press releases and performance schedules and take ticket requests
  • Give an award judging panel the information they need, arrange their tickets and then let them comment on and score the shows they see
  • Running a curated festival? Give your jury access to their own portal
  • Share technical information about your shows with your tech manager without granting them full access to Eventotron
  • Highlight shows looking for a home to trusted venue managers
information sharing portal template

Build a Portal template

information sharing portal example

Take ticket requests

information sharing portal overview

Collect feedback and scores from Portal users

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Information Sharing

Share select info with invited users

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