Venue Administration

Oversee the spaces you work with.

Venues Tab

Whether you are inviting venues to apply to be part of your festival / season or you manage the spaces – all your participating venues can be administered in the Venues tab.


  • Accept and reject venue applications
  • Create custom questionnaires for your venue managers
  • Build detailed venue profiles, including accessibility info and tech specs
  • Drag and drop timeline
  • Bulk email venue managers
  • Track conversations and progress between events and venues
  • Export all your data at any time
venue administration

Events at a venue

venue administration timeline

Timeline with drag and drop scheduling

venue administration timeline

Venue profile

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Event Registration

Gather all the information you need

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Event Management

Custom reporting and contact management

venue administration icon

Venue Administration

Oversee the spaces you work with

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Build and send contracts, take digital signatures

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Take payments and issue invoices

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Auto-generate brochures for print

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Information Sharing

Share select info with invited users

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