Need to create a brochure or other print-ready document with the information you’ve collected from events in Eventotron?


Eventotron can present a full, print-ready preview of individual event entries during the registration process. You and the artists can proof and approve as forms are completed. At the close of registration Eventotron calculates pagination and generates listings pages, indexes, daily diaries and more – all to your own designs.


Our brochure production functions are highly customised to each festival or season and the Publications feature is a paid addon. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of your template designs, indexes and other pages. Please contact us for more details.


We’ve been thrilled to see festival managers make significant cost reductions and save days and even weeks of back and forth with their designers.


Here’s what you need to know to set up Publications in Eventotron.


It’s best to decide whether you are going to produce a brochure or other print-ready document before you open registration. This means you can think about exactly what you want to appear in the brochure and ask the relevant questions in Info Collection. It also means events can see their listing proof coming together as they complete your forms.


However, it is not a problem if you’ve already opened for applications/registrations – as long as you give your artists enough time to fill in the required questions and approve their entries.


It’s helpful to tick Appears in Print on the questions you want in the brochure:




What we need from you:


Ask your designer to create a double page spread template design of your brochure/document which demonstrates all the ways you want event listings to look so we know how you want any colour-coding, iconography and categorising to appear.

Your brochure/document page template needs to be divided by columns and rows – here are some examples:


Here are some template examples:




This needs to be a packaged InDesign document containing all your fonts, icons and other assets. If you want index pages and daily diaries we also need template designs for these:




Once we have the InDesign templates we convert them to something that Eventotron can generate automatically and match up with all the event information in Eventotron. This process can take us up to 5 working days. We will then activate the Publications tab for you:



and we’ll create special questions in your forms which generate event listing previews like this:




You will be able to see individual listings within events and a complete preview in the Publications tab under Preview:



Publications Tab


Click on the Publication you want to look at in the left column.


Publication Details – Eventotron will complete these details for you.


Preview – Here you will see all your event listings together. You can place any adverts by simply dragging and dropping.



Re-render All – The Preview syncs automatically with any changes made to events, however, if you think you’re not seeing all edits you can use the Re-render All button to get an up to date version.


Once you are ready to do final proofing, contact us and we will generate a pdf of the complete listings (with indexes, diaries and adverts as required). This does require a little bit of work from us so please factor that into your schedule. When you’ve proofed and are ready to go, we’ll generate a final, completely editable InDesign Document that your designer can tweak and then drop into the full brochure design, alongside any opening and closing pages you may have.


That’s it! Do get in touch to discuss Publications with us:

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