Signing Up

Creating an account in Eventotron couldn’t be simpler.


Register / Log in


Go to and click the Login / Sign Up button


Enter your email address in the ‘New Users’ box then click ‘Register’. You will receive a password by email very quickly. If you haven’t received a password within five minutes, please check your spam / junk email. If it’s not there, please email  and we’ll get you sorted out ASAP.


Account already exists? If you get a message saying your account already exists, put your email address into the ‘Existing Users’ box and you can then follow the process for getting a new password.


Need a new password? If you have forgotten your password or can’t find your welcome email, you can click the link at the bottom of the ‘Existing Users’ box to get a new one.


If you’ve already set up an account just fill in the left hand ‘Existing Users’ box with your email address and the password you were sent in your welcome email.

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