Trouble Editing your Forms?

You have applied to a festival or season and have completed the forms required. You can see there are further forms but you cannot edit them or you’ve decided you want to change something – maybe it’s to update your website copy – but when you go back to that section of the form you can’t edit it. What’s going on?


There are a few reasons why you may not be able to edit some sections or any of your forms:


Your event is being held in the application phase awaiting approval from the festival/season.


You have exceeded the word or character count the festival/season has set for that question. You can see the counter at the bottom of the help text area.

The festival/season/venue has locked that particular section (this will be indicated by a padlock icon) – this could be because they don’t want any further updates to be made, again, this may be because the content is already live on a website or in print.

Your venue has taken over control of your event registration and therefore locked it.

You have yet to secure a venue and therefore are unable to proceed to further sections.

Your event is FINALISED and the festival/season/venue has therefore locked it so you can no longer make edits to information which may already be in print or live on a website.


If you think you should be able to edit something but can’t – message us through the help button or email the festival/season you are applying to directly.

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