View Ticket Sales

If you are part of a festival or season using Eventotron’s built-in ticketing system: Super Simple Box Office, you can view your ticket sales in real time in your event profile.

Log into Eventotron, click on EVENTS in the top menu and then click on your event under My Events. Click on the festival/season tab and on the Dates, Times and Prices section.

Here you will see number of tickets sold on each performance listed. You can see more details by clicking the black Details button. This displays the audience list. If the ticket buyer consents to you, the artist, receiving their information the name and email address field will be populated. If not then the personal information of the ticket buyer will not be available for you to view (this is due to data protection laws in different countries and territories).

You can also allocate comps here if the festival/season has allowed this.




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