We have not leaked your data

Eventotron has not experienced a data breach or leaked your data.

A recent Apple update has introduced new security recommendations which alert you when an email and password combination has been made publicly available in a data breach. Many of us use the same email and password combination across lots of different websites and so if one service experiences a data breach, Safari will alert you to change the password on all the websites using the same login details.

For example – Dropbox had a big hack a couple of years ago that resulted in millions of email addresses and passwords becoming public  – so if you login to another service using an email and password combination that were found in the leak, then Safari will advise you to change it.

To reiterate, that it does not mean that Eventotron has leaked your details in any way. Nor does it mean Eventotron is suffering from any hack or intrusion – and we do take this stuff very seriously.

Here’s an article that explains in more detail.

This website can help you track down which service leaked your details: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

If you are worried or have questions about this, please do contact us: admin@eventotron.com

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