Festival / Season Managers

Working with Venues

This is a guide to working with venues for festival / season managers. It covers the different ways to add venues to your festival or season, joining events to venues and moving events to different venues.

Info Collection – Payments

The Payments section in Info Collection is a special section and is automatically added to a newly created festival or season.   The Payments tab is where the event manager will see the amount they will be required to pay and a downloadable pdf invoice/receipt...

Info Collection – Office Use

Office Use is a section in Info Collection which is hidden so only festival/season administrators can access it. (You know it is hidden by the crossed eye icon)     You can add questions in Office Use that you, the festival/season administrator, answer. For...

Info Collection – Venue Finder

The Venue Finder is a standard section in Info Collection and is automatically added when you create a new festival or season.   Click on the Venue Finder section.   Under Venue Settings:   Festival allots Venues - choose YES if the festival/season...

Working with Red61

Red61 is a very powerful and versatile box office system that is particularly suited to large festivals. It is a popular choice of box office provider with several Eventotron users. This guide covers set-up, exporting data and syncing.


The Contract tab allows you to create contracts between you (the festival or season) and events and / or venue managers. You can even take digital signatures – all in Eventotron. Here’s how to set up contracts:


Portals is a new feature which allows you to share select information from your Info Collection forms with specified users. Here’s how to set up a new Portal:


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