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Guides to help you get the most out of Eventotron.

We have put together some handy guides to help you get the most out of Eventotron. We are adding to this all the time and are always happy to hear from users if there is a topic missing that you would like covered here. You can also find video guides on our youtube channel.
Please email or use the help button if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Getting Started with Eventotron

Video Tutorials

Setting up a New Festival or Season

A step-by-step guide to setting up a new festival or season in Eventotron. We cover general set-up and building forms in Info Collection, accepting applications or registrations and taking payments.

Events and Reporting

An in-depth tour of the Events tab in your Eventotron festival / season management dashboard. We look at how to search your event data, create and save reports, accept applications, bulk email event managers and all the other great functions available in this tab.

Working with Venues

Learn about the different ways you can work with venues in Eventotron. We focus on the Venues tab in the festival / season management dashboard, showing you how you can add venues, invite venues to apply to be part of your festival or season, keep in touch with venue managers and schedule performances.

Introduction to Super Simple Box Office

This is a guided tour of our in-built ticketing system – Super Simple Box Office. The session covers setting up SSBO in Eventotron and look at how the Eventotron wordpress plugin allows you to sell tickets from your website and in-person.

Creating and Applying Contracts

Find out all about the Contracts tab in Eventotron. We cover creating a contract template, how to add in fields from your info collection, applying the contract to an event, venue or both and taking digital signatures.

Super Simple Box Office Advanced

Learn how to get the most out of Super Simple Box Office (SSBO). We look at creating different ticket types, setting up holds or comps and selling merchandise on your website. We also cover sales reporting, analysing your audience data, building basket offers and how to upsell merch using our splash page function.

Sharing Information with Portals

A guide to using the Portals feature on Eventotron. Portals is a versatile tool that allows you to share information you choose about a selection of your shows with groups of invited users. You can then collect responses, scores, ticket and booking requests from your Portal users.

Is Your Question For Us?

Eventotron works with over 100 different festivals and seasons. We are here to help with any questions you might have about using our service, however, the festival or season you are applying to may be the best place to start…

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Info Collection – Payments

The Payments section in Info Collection is a special section and is automatically added to a newly created festival or season.   The Payments tab is where the event manager will see the amount they will be required to pay and a downloadable pdf invoice/receipt...

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Working with Red61

Red61 is a very powerful and versatile box office system that is particularly suited to large festivals. It is a popular choice of box office provider with several Eventotron users. This guide covers set-up, exporting data and syncing.

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The Contract tab allows you to create contracts between you (the festival or season) and events and / or venue managers. You can even take digital signatures – all in Eventotron. Here’s how to set up contracts:

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